Yotam Solomon Spring/Summer 2010

Israeli born, Los Angeles fashion designer Yotam Solomon titles his latest collection "Shining Through". CASHAK reports on this ultra-sexy collection. Is it flashy enough to make all of your friends jealous? We show you the hottest looks. Don't miss our exclusive interview with the designer. Watch this exclusive video report now.

The beautiful, the gorgeous and the fashion savvy all tune to CASHAK.TV for the latest in high-end-sexy style. I'm Christine Ong and now we bring you Yotam Solomon with his Spring and Summer 2010 collection. The designer was actually in the Haifa Philharmonic at age 14, he played both the violin and the viola before becoming a fashion designer. Yotam was born in Israel and moved to Los Angeles, he is inspired by the LA city life as well as the California life style, he was the youngest designer ever to be featured at the LA Fashion Week in 2008. Yotam's Spring 2010 collection is titled: "Shining Through", and we can see this idea through semi-transparent layers and glass details. Key materials in the line include jersey bamboo, silk duchess satin and silk charmuse satin, accenting details are made of custom glass beads and gemstones. It's sold at Debut New York as well as 22 Bond St. in LA plus online retailers. You can of course click our shopping directory online for more links. Designs start at $300 on up.

First up Yotam brings us this silky smooth flame red dress, asymmetrical shoulder, another huge look for the season, gray reptile band on the upper arm, matching print on the belt with black straps and gold links; best of the collection, might just be the ultimate "come get me" dress.

Chic, layered black and white skirt; sheer toward the hip, straps run from hip to hip, dotted silver bustier, continues the look with layers, seam detailing on the bust, the designer didn't add accessories, we agree it's super hot without any. Yotam describes his muse as a quote, "confident woman that knows exactly what she wants in life, she has designer labels in her closet and is eager to wear Avant Garde yet comfortable fashions."

This next look is an extension of the same look we just saw with a sheer steel blue blouse, layered ruffles on the arms, skirt was elongated to make it fit higher on the waist, we could see the first incarnation of this look at the Hollywood parties in California and the second one on the rooftops of Manhattan.

Form fitting cool gray dress, sexy and sophisticated strap design, pinched fabric detail at the bust, short length Yotam's designs were featured on the popular show "America’s Next Top Model".

Next up another sexy little black dress, but not your normal black dress, it's asymmetrical cut, worn on the shoulder, contemporary feel with clear glass details attached on the side, Yotam says the glass accent need to be seen close up to appreciate how the light shines through.

Turn heads in this number, stunning floor length gown same black and glass look on the side the designer takes a twist by covering the other half with a gray toga that runs to the floor, the longer dress makes the design more red carpet worthy.

Check out these high heels exotic reptile texture pumps, high platform, light and dark gray shades.

Next we bring you these tan suede heels, high arch, but less platform than previous shoes, notice the layer detail on the black and the inter weaved straps on the front.

Last up we bring you these sexy ankle strap wedges, shiny gunmetal color, contrasted with pale blue and light gray bands across the toes.

Tune into CASHAKTV for the high-end-sexy styles that you crave.

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Designer: Yotam Solomon.

Host: Christine Ong.

Host hair: James of Dolce Salon at the Borgata.

Host make-up: Kimberly of Dolce Salon at the Borgata using DoCo Damask.

Host wardrobe: Moody Blues Boutique.

Location: Upstairs at the Estate House.

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