vmarie Spring/Summer 2010 @ Phoenix Fashion Week

One of Phoenix's hometown designers Rickie Gonzales wows the Phoenix Fashion Week crowd with his Spring 2010 collection. The looks feature chic asymmetrical dresses and non-traditional Spring tones. CASHAK.TV's editors name vmarie the best established designer collection of Phoenix Fashion Week 2009.
I really worked hard and thought more about this collection you know because of the asymmetrical like I said it was more architectural and gall you know it's I'm just trying to keep it more sexier and still classic and chic and simple, it was satin, it was stretch satin, stretch cotton but most of it was satin, period. Picking the colors, you know me, people that know me and vmarie I don't choose the traditional Spring colors I like to go something different the dark purple, the dark red and champagne color, that Spring for me and my clients get it and people that know vmarie more they're going to get it, they going to understand I'm all bout being different. Roco Manquelly painted on all the three dresses he hand painted them. We've talking about collaborating for a year, doing textile etcetera so few months ago I just said paint on this dresses here the drawing, here's what we're going to do here's the three pictures that I like let's do it. This collection is designed for everyone who wanting and ready to step outside the box, that's not afraid to wear a boxy dress but that is still sexy all about the cuts or someone that is not afraid to wear plunging jean or a strapless dress that's asymmetrical. Opus Fine Jewelry we tried to do it last year so its been in the working close to a year and so we finally got it and put everything together and it came out perfect, you know perfect especially that last white dress it was simple and chic but those diamonds and rubies that dress was over $10,000. They're made to order so and they're still custom made so they're one of a kind so whoever buys the first one, that is it. If it's my best client I know what they want already, there's is no questions they just call me Rickie I need a dress, draw it up send them three options and they pick one and so they trust me on the color and I know exactly what my best client wants.
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Designer: Rickie Gonzales

Line: vmarie.

Hair stylists: Stephanie Salee, Candy Tracey, Brooklyn Insko, Jessica West, Bernice Segura, Vy Cao, Bernadette Rios, Elle Tualla, Mila Gehring, Desire Munoz, Cierra Slade, Kristina Stinde, Eisela Brambila, Jade Phan and Rochelle Goodwill of Dolce Salon Chandler. Kellie Liddicoat, Zac Watson, Brody Valerio, Julianna Sutton, Brittany Wilson, Teagan Scearce, Shamika Jones, Noah Begley and Christie Nieman of Dolce Salon Arrowhead. James Ruiz, Harley Malalea, Chantelle Mertes, Christina Nick, Tommy Ferrin, Aryon De La O, Jeanette Bitterolf, Pam Leach, Katie Carroll, Leah Harbin, Kelli Smith and Stephanie Borgman of Dolce Salon Borgata.

Venue: Hotel Valley Ho(Scottsdale, Arizona)

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