Vivienne Westwood Fall/Winter 2009 @ Paris Fashion Week

This is our exclusive report for the Vivenne Westwood fanatic. Walk the runway with us as we review the Fall 2009 collection. The looks are a mix of styles and fabrics. There's a wide color gradient from brilliant red to pale purple tones. Careful now, don't bump into Pamela Anderson as she struts the catwalk.
Welcome, now you know what time it is. It's time for your daily fashion fix. I'm Christine Ong for CASHAK.TV. Next we go to Vivienne Westwood Gold Label debuting her Fall 2009 collection at Paris' fashion week. Now whoever said fashion is not an art did not know Vivienne Westwood Gold Label. This collection is actually inspired by Renaissance artist Andrea Mantenga who uses a mix of different styles in his paintings. Now Vivienne Westwood actually uses different materials, colors and cuts to form unique looks this season and color shades range from brilliant red to pail purple shades and fabrics include wool, cashmere, linen, lace and even velvet. Celebrity fans include Baywatch beauty Pamela Anderson, as well as Mischa Barton and even Hilary Duff loves this line. It's sold world-wide in places including France, Italy, Hong Kong and China and of course you know you can check out our shopping directory online for more links. Johnny Depp watch out because this pirate look is bound to be a show stopper, this chic street look starts of with a red sequin bandanna head wrap, layered first with a lavender blouse, on top of that is a purple vest with gray edging, full length arm sleeves with classic cuffs, mittens are tied to the design with several long knitted ropes that are looped around the body, so sexy, draw string bottoms with see through holes, completed with orange platform bottoms, this look is a mash up of many different materials, styles and colors. Wear this fashion forward look while shopping in trendy Provance. Next we have this glittering mid-brown dress, low cowl neck, full sleeves wraps to the side, thin ribbed belt ties at the hip then dangles, it's styled with a complimenting long scarf, knee-high socks and knitted shoes with a lace up front and open toes finish this look. Check out this show stopper in a lavender wrap toga over a knit sweater that has extra long sleeves, elastic cuffs, dress trim is open in the front, transparent stockings with dark design, purple tones will be seen everywhere this Fall and it's paired with strappy burnt sienna sandals. Check out this Baywatch beauty turned athletic seductress, Pamela Anderson shocked the crowd on the Parisian runway, she came out in a crew neck white t-shirt with plus five degrees written in bold letters in the front, the designer used the plus five degrees symbol to make a political statement about global warming, paired with a vertical stripe button up blouse, horizontal stripe short shorts with a gray weave skirt over top, styled with an apple red handbag that has plaid sides and of course more knee-high socks. Next this look starts of with a necklace made of two miniature violins, one has a timepiece in the center, I love the detail on that piece, the open wrap around blouse is very sexy, slate and gray color print, material has a glittery shine, full sleeve jacket and high waist skirt are made of the gray weave material and more large knit socks again with dangling tassels complete this style. Check out this next look, I love it, it's so simple yet so sexy, beige tube dress gathered and rushed, material folds and creates layers, dress runs over a layer of striped material that shows through just below the hips, it's paired with a light steal blue brocaded cardigan, full length sleeve and it doesn't have a collar, complimented with sparkling gold stocks and knee-high suede boots. Combine textures with this loose fitting wrap dress with a cowl neck, material layers over itself, it's stripe pattern of pail lavender and red shades, it's ultra flattering, the hem is cut to a short length and show some leg, the dress is covered by a heavy brown stock trench coat, large button details and wrist length sleeves. You won't find these high end styles anywhere else but on CASHAK.TV
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Designer: Vivienne Westwood.

Host: Christine Ong.

Host hair: Erin Fink.

Host make-up: Toni Martinez of Sachi Salon and Spa.

Host wardrobe: Moody Blues Boutique.

Location: Canal Restaurant.

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