V del Sol Swimwear 2010 @ Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Swim Miami

From the beaches of the French Caribbean, all the way around the world, leading to a big show on the runways in Miami- this is the 2010 collection of V del Sol. The designer calls these looks "Whisper of Revolution". It's the first time her line has ever been shown on a runway. We sit down with fashion designer Veronique de la Cruz to find out how she created these sexy looks. Why does the designer love red? What make her swimwear sexy? Where does she get inspiration? Won't find these answers anywhere else. Watch this exclusive CASHAK report now.
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Swimwear 2010
Hosted by Christine Ong

You found it. This the show beautiful woman turn to for the latest and high end sexy styles. I'm Christine Ong for CASHAK.TV. Next up we bring you Caribbean based V del Sol swimwear with their 2010 collection debuting at where else but Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Swim in Miami. The designer Veronique de la Cruz grew up in the beach culture of the French Caribbean. She was actually the first black woman to become Miss France. Her first collection debuted in 2006. Their latest collection is entitled "Whisper of Revolution". This is the designer's first collection to walk a runway show and the designer says it's inspired by all the places she visited all around the world. She lives in Costa Rica and says the peacefulness there also influences her designs, she describes the line as quote- " V del Sol allows you to look fabulous and bring stunning fashion to the beach V del Sol is for fashionistas and sexy women." V del Sol items retail between $75 and $150. Swimwear is made mainly of Lycra and is available at swim boutiques and department stores, you can of course click our shopping directly for more links. Trends we see in V del Sol we see sexy high leg cuts, bold red, metallic finishes and high fashion accents.

First up, we see a sexy midnight blue string bikini triangle top, a small silver accessory is attached to the bikini top in the middle, gold tipped string tie low rise bikini bottoms, worn high in the hips we asked Veronique what makes a swimsuit sexy, quote- "the cut, the colors, the print also adding a piece of jewelry to suit makes it really hot."

Next, solid black bandeau bikini, notice the double strand necklace with lots of stones also styled with large stoned earrings, matching high cut bottoms that show off your toned legs.

Brilliant, hot red string bikini outlined in white long, tie in the front silver capped tassels, double string bikini bottoms, very popular trend in 2010, bow-tie detail on the top. The designer uses a lot of bold red colors, we asked her why quote- "a woman in red shows confidence, power and sexiness."

Scoop bikini bottoms in a light aqua hue, extra long white ties on the sides, bra bikini top, with a matching tie detail in the center, top and bottom almost give a high almost plastic like shine.

Next we see a super sexy mirror bikini, holds her top with side adjustability notice the long necklace with large circular medallions a perfect touch to this piece. Same mirror like finish on the low rise bottoms side tie detail like other bikinis in this collection, this one is our editor's pick for best look of the collection because you will be able to see all those jealous faces reflecting in the mirror finish.

Open shoulder tropical print cover up top, neck straps full length loose fitting sleeves, it is paired with skimpy dark bottoms, jewels cover the high cut hip straps gold chains connecting more stones is more over the bottoms. We asked the designer how to keep your swimwear looking fresh all sessions on a budget, she said buy at least four pieces then mix them up. We then asked the designer to tell some of the places that inspire her work.

My collection is all about my travel showcases, since I've been a kid from Scotland to Africa to Brazil to Costa Rica and I have tried to recreate this on the prints, mix and match them and created a beautiful.

Ivory purple and yellow splash print monokini, V-cut in the front. It is sexy with a little more coverage and accessorized more gold stones and drop gold chain designs.

Another fire red number, a sensuous monokini, it crisscrosses the body rushing on the sides adds, a high fashion touch, notice the over sized red and white bangles, the designer completes this look with. Mingle with the celebrities and St. Bart's in this number.

Next we see a fashion forward midnight black monokini we you see the designer's French influence in this look. Scoop neck, mini boots laces up at the waist cut high on the bottom it is topped with an accenting sun hat in the same color. The designer says the biggest compliment she ever received about her swimwear is that the fit is outstanding.

Lastly cover-up does double duty as a dress, throw on for dinner and wear out to the club. The material has lots of shine and sparkles that will pick up the ocean sun and dance floor spotlights just as well. Sleeveless cut bandeau with a large striped ring in the middle, slits in the front that are adjustable with ties, super sexy short hem.

Fashion's next great designer premiers first on CASHAK.TV. Tune in tomorrow so you don't miss it. Click on the share button, post this video on your Twitter, FaceBook or MySpace.

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Designer: Veronique de la Cruz.

Line: V del Sol.

Host: Christine Ong.

Host hair: Natalie Haver of Dolce Salon at the Borgata.

Host make-up: Olunife Adeyemi of Dolce Salon at the Borgata using DoCo Damask.

Host wardrobe: Moody Blues Boutique.

Location: The Hotel Valley Ho.

Keywords: Veronique de la Cruz, V del Sol, swimwear, bikinis, swimsuits, 2010, fashion, show, runway, trends, styles, models, video, movie, clip.

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