Rock Hard Sexy - Timothy Maurice Spring/Summer 2010 @ Phoenix Fashion Week

Fashion designer Timothy Maurice defines his collection as "rock hard sexy". For the Spring/Summer collection he expands the line into denim and swimwear. See his trademark style in these new looks with stud and crystal embellishments. What makes his designs so hot and so seductive? Who inspires the designer? We find out in an exclusive interview with the designer backstage at Phoenix Fashion Week.
My sister Crystal, Crystal White she inspires me. She's so far ahead of me right now but I'm trying to catch up, hopefully this will help. It's, I love design, I get create I can walk anywhere and be inspired by anyone because everyone they have originality you know they can wear what they want to wear and feel good wearing it and I love that. The whole denim collection is new to the we do both men's and women's, we have women's jeans with strong washes Swarovski crystals and pearl nail heads, I mean, rusty nail heads with crystal and designs you know we are getting really aggressive on it. It may not be for everyone but it is for those who want to stand out who want to be rock hard sexy. Anyone who wants to walk the red carpet, stand out in the club, you know have fun and walk out shopping and want to get recognized. It's a real fun you actually have a good image when you wear it. We have different styles, you know we have a normal two piece, then we have a Brazilian then we have a one piece and we are starting to make the cuts a little skinnier. For the Brazilian and rings and getting into a lot of hardware on the swimsuits. Two people can wear the same suit and rock it different. It's all about attitude with swag. So you have to put that energy into what you wear. Well we are starting to mature a little. You know and at the same time it's that rock hard sexy, I keep saying rock hard sexy, you just want to be seen. We doing like designs putting designs on the swimsuits to make you jump out and crystals and leathers on the denim. It's fun it's vibrant you know you love it. Right now we're being picked up in Vancouver, South Beach, we're expanding pretty fast. We are getting a lot of demand. We're going over seas as well. You know what Phoenix Fashion my logo is a two headed phoenix I'm going to be here. I love it. Brian Hill great guy, cool guy, love him. The whole team of Phoenix Fashion Week they really embrace you and become a part of your line. They represent the line like you do. Everything went really smooth. I love the attitude of the whole team.
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Designer: Timothy Maurice

Hair stylists: Stephanie Salee, Candy Tracey, Brooklyn Insko, Jessica West, Bernice Segura, Vy Cao, Bernadette Rios, Elle Tualla, Mila Gehring, Desire Munoz, Cierra Slade, Kristina Stinde, Eisela Brambila, Jade Phan and Rochelle Goodwill of Dolce Salon Chandler. Kellie Liddicoat, Zac Watson, Brody Valerio, Julianna Sutton, Brittany Wilson, Teagan Scearce, Shamika Jones, Noah Begley and Christie Nieman of Dolce Salon Arrowhead. James Ruiz, Harley Malalea, Chantelle Mertes, Christina Nick, Tommy Ferrin, Aryon De La O, Jeanette Bitterolf, Pam Leach, Katie Carroll, Leah Harbin, Kelli Smith and Stephanie Borgman of Dolce Salon Borgata.

Venue: Hotel Valley Ho(Scottsdale, Arizona)

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