Monarchy Collection Spring/Summer 2010

Monarchy is designer Eric Kim's answer to European fashion houses. He created the collection to be an American brand that competes with names from across the Atlantic like Diesel and Miss Sixty. Which trends is he going to set for the Europeans to follow this Spring and Summer? Why is Megan Fox one of the ideal women the designer sees wearing these looks? We ask Eric in an exclusive interview. Watch this CASHAK style report now.

Do you want to dress like your grandma? Then turn to a fashion magazine. Do you want to dress like a sexy fashionista? Keep watching. I'm Christine Ong here with CASHAK.TV

Now we bring you Monarchy with their Spring and Summer 2010 collection, debuting at none other than New York Fashion Week. Monarchy's Eric Kim said he created the line because America needed, an edgy line to compete with European fashion houses, such as Diesel and Miss Sixty, he says, quote: "Monarchy is that brand"; so we asked Eric about any European influences for this newest collection, and he said quote: "I thought about what young, trendsetting fashionistas would wear while on vacation in St. Tropez or Nice, and I based the collection off of that."

Eric says he is not trying to be another Alexander McQueen or John Paul Gaultier, explaining that he just wants to, quote- "produce beautiful, wordrobe and sellable clothing", Monarchy is hand made in Los Angeles, and features hand styled graphics, jeans are made of Japanese, European and American denim, and celebrity fans such as Jessica Biel and Shannon Elizabeth as well as the Kardashian sisters love Monarchy. It's available at chic boutiques across the country, you can of course see our shopping directory for more links. Trends we see in this collection, we see lots of metallic finishes, attention getting necklines, as well as high-style street wear with that Monarchy edge.

Ultra sexy plunging v-neck, creped material, flowing form on your body, it's fitted with a thin saddle brown belt, pyramid stud details, designed styled with a couple metal bracelets, this look walked down the runway in cream color platform peep toe shoes, bow accent on the top, CASHAK editors' pick this first look as the best of the collection with it's high-end style with edgy sex appeal.

Stunning sheath dress, material wraps at the bust, metallic blue finish with faded daisy print, it's styled with a thin white belt that wraps around the waste several times.

We asked Eric who the Monarchy woman is and he said quote: "She is sexy, smart and confident with a bit of an edge. She knows what she wants and always gets it," he cited Megan Fox as a celebrity with these qualities.

Narrow v-neck, thin silk scarf loops around the neck and attaches at the waist, notice the silver chain necklace and black beads, this dress is of course sleeveless, and it has button details in the middle, and a very very high-hem.

Next we see this very chic look, see through top, button up, loose fitting, rolled up sleeves, don't hide your hot abs ladies, brown cargo pants, large tie at the top, cuffed legs, it's topped with a 60's style shades. We could see this hot look on Santa Monica boardwalk or the streets of Provance.

Flashy street look, mid-riff baring tank, with a metallic finish, it's accessorized with a silver necklace that has thin metal ornaments, solid white safari pants, pleated and cuff detailing.

Cute yet comfy, check out this number, boyfriend blue jeans, the trend continues, thin leopard print belt, semi-sheer scoop tank, cream colored leather vest, notice the strong shoulders, paired with large frame glasses, that geek chic look still pops up every now and again.

White skinny jeans with cut outs and slits, silver belt, scoop top that criss-crosses above the belly button and hang off the hips, full sleeve suede jacket, faded steel blue color, CASHAK asked Eric what makes a Monarchy outfit sexy and his reply, quote: "An outfit is never sexy. The woman wearing the outfit is sexy. Sexy comes from within, from her level of self confidence."

Wrapping up this Monarchy collection is a trendy black skinny jean outfit, midnight purple jacket; contrasted with a glittering metallic top, flirty neckline, keeps that cutting edge Monarchy attitude with a little bit of that high-end New York style.

High-end-sexy style lives right here. Tune in every day. To CASHAK.TV

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Designer: Eric Kim.

Line: Monarchy Collection.

Host: Christine Ong.

Host hair: James of Dolce Salon at the Borgata.

Host make-up: Kimberly of Dolce Salon at the Borgata using DoCo Damask.

Host wardrobe: Moody Blues Boutique.

Location: Upstairs at the Estate House.

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