Li Cari Spring/Summer 2010 @ Phoenix Fashion Week

The host of MTV's House of Jazmin debuts her 2010 collection on the big runway at Phoenix Fashion Week. Jazmin Whitley's "Decade" collection brings together elements of high fashion. We catch the designer for exclusive interview on the runway. Hear how she describes this line in her own words. Watch this exclusive CASHAK fashion report now.
I started really young I created my very first collection when I was 17 and I launched it. I actually had my first fashion show at my high school at St. Marino High School when I was 17 and then I launched it at L.A fashion week. And so that was kind of the debut. I have been designing new collections every season ever since and I have a T.V. show on MTV called House Of Jazmin. There are some producers that were in the audience at one of my fashion shows and they were interested and they said "wow," she has so much passion and her friends and her family support her so much and they're behind her, she's following her dreams and she's young, she's in fashion let's follow her! That's how it started.When I just started out I would create pieces for just my friends and for myself and anyone who would ask me about my designs and it was just with one of the kinds and that's how I started out and then once I knew I was like this is really what I want to do, I love fashion. I just decided to create full complete collection. This is my decade collection for Spring/Summer 2010 that debuted tonight. It is just kind of a new old statement from me. My past collections were really inspired by kind of more vintagy, flirty, flowy, girly and this is kind of strong. A new decade and its powerful and its just intense so exited about it I think it shows my growth as a designer. I have red and black and white and yellow and blue and it's just all about strength. I think that the strapless blue cocktail dresses is one of my faves it's just so fun. You can dress it up and you can dress it down. I always love the pencil skirts their tailored and every girl can should own one and she can wear it to work and she can wear it out and it's just versatile. I would love to dress someone like Starlet Johansen. She's so gorgeous and just that old Hollywood glamor that would be awesome to dress her. My website is It's shop
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Designer: Jazmin Whitley

Line: Li Cari

Hair stylists: Stephanie Salee, Candy Tracey, Brooklyn Insko, Jessica West, Bernice Segura, Vy Cao, Bernadette Rios, Elle Tualla, Mila Gehring, Desire Munoz, Cierra Slade, Kristina Stinde, Eisela Brambila, Jade Phan and Rochelle Goodwill of Dolce Salon Chandler. Kellie Liddicoat, Zac Watson, Brody Valerio, Julianna Sutton, Brittany Wilson, Teagan Scearce, Shamika Jones, Noah Begley and Christie Nieman of Dolce Salon Arrowhead. James Ruiz, Harley Malalea, Chantelle Mertes, Christina Nick, Tommy Ferrin, Aryon De La O, Jeanette Bitterolf, Pam Leach, Katie Carroll, Leah Harbin, Kelli Smith and Stephanie Borgman of Dolce Salon Borgata.

Venue: Hotel Valley Ho(Scottsdale, Arizona)

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