John Richmond Fall/Winter 2009 @ Milan Fashion Week

English fashion designer John Richmond brings his newest collection to the big runway in Milan. His work is inspired by rock music and street culture. Madonna and Fergie loves his stuff. Want a contemporary rocker look? Check out these runway styles in our exclusive report.
You found it this is the show beautiful women tune to for the latest and high end sexy style. I'm Christine Ong here for CASHAK.TV. Next we take you to John Richmond's Fall 2009 debut at the Milan Fashion Week, the designer actually grew up in London and started his line in 1982 he says his inspire by street culture and rock music so its naturally that Madonna and Fergie both love the line, it's available at John Richmond boutique's in Milan and London as well as other retailers you can of course look at our shop directory online for more links and trends we see in this collection include lots and lots of rock roll style. First up John Richmond brings us this high and wide colored jacket with diamond texture resembling a reptile print button loops on the shoulders double breasted, long sleeves that run past the wrist, matching belt fits the jacket at the waist, gold buckle on the belt, pure gold handkerchief necklace matches with jacket accents, pocket skirt in same dark shade, gold detailing on the side with opaque leggings and a sparkly metallic shine. Next stop we have black two top with bra cups silver ornament in the middle it's stylize with street frame sunglasses, very unique covered in a black and gray long hair fur jacket, full length sleeves that flare to the cuffs. It's sexy skinny fit bottoms have a thin belt contrasting gold design. Steal the spotlight at the next Milan Fashion Show in this look. Next we have pure white satin dress off the shoulder, black strap on the left, large sequent detail on the hip causing rouging throughout the middle of the dress, rouging is also very big this Fall, dress rise up on the left and it's also styled with black forearm sleeves and dark opaque stockings we see a lot of this detach sleeves on the Fall of runways. Next we have a ribbed sweater dark fur edging, large bell sleeves with fur cuffs ties at the waist, black full finger gloves with sparkling sequent pants with lettering cut outs. Feel like a fashionable rock star while wearing this number. Next up we have a gray satin neck line from the shoulder to upper arm pleaded bands run horizontally on the design, seam details starts at the waist and ends at the hem. It's accessories with black leather arm sleeves that have a gold zipper at the wrist, dark metallic leggings and close toes sway booties. Up next we have another pair of straight frame sunglasses with rounded bottoms and opaque lenses, quite attention grabbing with this bubble dress, crisscross straps around the neck one strap is red and the same color as the dress, the other strap is completely sequent in silver and turquoise jewels, pleats start at the bust and continue to the edge of the dress. Last we have this satin line long fur head scarf resembling a rock stars wild hair when worn, high neck sleeveless dress covered in black sequence, matte finish lettering right across the dress. The black leather forearm gloves have ribs cuffs very bad girl. You'll find the latest and greatest high end sexy styles straight from the catwalk right here on CASHAK.TV we rule the runway, period.
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Designer: John Richmond.

Host: Christine Ong.

Host hair: Erin Fink.

Host make-up: Toni Martinez of Sachi Salon and Spa.

Host wardrobe: Moody Blues Boutique.

Location: Canal Restaurant.

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