Iceberg Fall/Winter 2009 @ Milan Fashion Week

Iceberg cools off the runways in Milan next. This latest collection is inspired by the works of Robert Indiana and Giacomo Balla. Indiana is known for his work in pop culture. Balla is known for his paintings. Elements of both combine to create unique looks in this latest Iceberg collection. Key trends include geometric shapes, silky and shiny materials. Don't miss these works of art. Click now to watch our exclusive video fashion report.
From the Italian runways to the streets of L.A. this where the world tunes for the latest in high end sexy style. I'm Chrsitine Ong here with CASHAK.TV. Next we take you to Iceberg with their unveiling for their Fall 2009 collection at Milan's Fashion Week. This collection is actually inspired by the art of Robert Indiana and Giacomo Balla. Celebrity fans include Mischa Barton as well as Gossip Girl Blake Lively. It's available at boutiques throughout Europa as well as the Middle East and of course you can always check our shop directory online for more links. Trends we're seeing in this collection, we are seeing lots of geometric shapes as well as silky and shiny materials. First up, Iceburg brings us a sleeveless dark orchid dress, black straps provide accenting details, one is wide one, is thin, the left side has patches of patent leather over a section of the dark material, stitching along the edge creates waves all down the dress. Purple tones are big on the Fall 2009 runways. The designer pairs it with dark stocking and solid black suede booties. Next we see just like the previous dress this one also has waves it also has that domino effect going once again. Scoop neck pearl white. right side is contrasting dark design with angular edges has blocks of patent leather just like the last look, three quarter length sleeves on both sides. Accessorized with an over sized black bangle. The wave effect gives these looks a very sophisticated touch. The leather blocks give an ultra modern edge. Check out this next red hot brilliant red satin tube dress, layers of hexagons in violet red start at the shoulder and form a strap while flaring to the bust the design continues on the bodice and ends at the hip. Again this side detail ads a contemporary element to a classic design. It's styled with dark opaque leggings. Check out our last look from Iceberg it's a new twist in this design, it's is split with a style running from the shoulder to the hem, one side is rushed with a dark matte material and the other side uses shiny black shapes to form a scale like pattern. It's knee length with an interesting detail above the bust one side forms a point with the strap while the other starts well below. Now you're in the know with the latest in high end sexy style tune into tomorrow for more.
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Designer: Iceberg.

Host: Christine Ong.

Host hair: Erin Fink.

Host make-up: Toni Martinez of Sachi Salon and Spa.

Host wardrobe: Moody Blues Boutique.

Location: Canal Restaurant.

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