Best of the season - Gucci Spring/Sumer 2010

Gucci 2010 is CASHAK's pick for the best collection of the Spring and Summer season. Designer Frida Giannini tells us she started with the idea of the little black dress then added contemporary elements to the looks. This high-end-sexy collection is sure to get you noticed and make all your friends jealous. Don't lose your sexy fashionista status, these are the looks you have to wear. What are the hot colors and trends Gucci uses? What makes this collection so modern and unique? Watch this exclusive video report now.
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Spring Summer 2010
Hosted by Christine Ong

The beautiful, the gorgeous and the fashion savvy all tune to CASHAK.TV for the latest in high-end-sexy styles. I'm Christine Ong and we bring you Gucci with their Spring Summer 2010 Collection debuting in Milan. Gucci started in 1921 in Florance, Italy, it was named the most desirable luxury brand in 2007 and Hollywood celebrities like Drew Barrymore and Claire Danes have stared in Gucci ad campaigns, this collection was designed by Gucci's creative director, Frida Giannini, to celebrate the brand's past while ushering in a new future for the company, the designer says she started with the, quote, "idea of the little black dress", then added elements of extreme sports with cut outs to give a contemporary flair to the looks, Frida also emphasizes the silhouette is very important in this collection, key materials of the collection include technically treated silks, wools and cottons, Gucci is sold all around the world, see our shopping directory for more links, Trends in this collection we see: intricate link details, neutral color palette, as well as cut outs, CASHAK editors' pick Gucci for the best of Milan Fashion Week and best collection of the Spring 2010 season.

Sexy yet sophisticated. Check out this pure white dress, chic cut outs, cap sleeves, lets just enough skin to poke through to be flirtatious, this is Gucci's high-fashion take on the popular ripped and torn details found in other lines, set the trend all season in this look.

Next we see another white dress, racy ribs in the material form oval and circle shapes, black hardware accents, cut outs on the chest, it's matched with a half sleeve jacket, lots of zipper detailing, a cream color handbag and topped with strappy platform sandals, we see a lot of platforms on the runway this season,

Another jacket look, cool gray, layered lapels, half sleeves, sheer and mesh top, sexy string detail across lets through a provocative amount of cleavage, skinny pants in light gray, seam and layer details around the pockets, complimenting over sized arm back, tassel on the front.

Heat up the beach in Gucci, stone color monokini, intricate design in the middle, it attaches to the hips and bust, bring a high-fashion element to the world of swimwear, big Gucci beach bag, the perfect swimsuit for your next vacation on an exotic Mediterranean beach.

Ultra chic midnight blue dress, fashion forward cut outs on the arms, 1/4 length sleeves, contrasting silver zipper, more circle details on the front and sides, flirty short-hem, it's completed with a pair of those world famous Gucci sunglasses.

Check out this number, fashion-forward arm cut out trend continues in this look, high neck shirt, magenta streaks to the side of the neck, more skin baring detail on the sides, large silver metal belt, high wasted pants, and skinny leg, it's matched with another pair of Gucci sunglasses.

Intricate detailing continues on the chest of this design, links start at the bust and form the shoulder straps, ravishing stone color dress, links continue on the bust but give way to a streaked metallic print, sides are pulled together at the waist, provides a very fitted and slimming look, matching ankle wrap heels, it's covered in the same links.

Check out this number it's a grunge and glamor combine in a sexy dress, the high shine reveals a classic curled line print with streaked edges to give that ultra modern touch, seam detailing on the hips, cut out at the waist, links match across the chest, CASHAK editors' pick this look for best of the collection because of it's sexy cuts and cutting edge finish.

This last number is a head turning look which takes the links to an extreme, it's completely covered in those details, connecting lines and circles throughout, super chic and ultra modern.

You'll find the latest in high-end-sexy styles straight from the catwalk right here on CASHAK. We rule the runway, period. Want to give your best friend a big present? Tell her about CASHAK TV. She'll probably take you shopping to say thanks.

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Designer: Frida Giannini

Line: Gucci.

Host: Christine Ong.

Host hair: James of Dolce Salon at the Borgata.

Host make-up: Kimberly of Dolce Salon at the Borgata using DoCo Damask.

Host wardrobe: Moody Blues Boutique.

Location: Upstairs at the Estate House.

Keywords: Gucci, Spring, Summer, 2010, Frida Giannini, fashion, show, runway, trends, styles, models, video, movie, clip.

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