Gottex Spring/Summer 2010

Did Gottex's new designer Molly Grad strikeout or strike it rich with her first collection at this legendary swimwear company? CASHAK takes you to New York Fashion Week for the debut of this 2010 collection. The designer says he was inspired by the "sand, beach and the ocean". How did these elements influence her color palette and designs? Get the big scoop on Gottex 2010 by watching this exclusive video fashion report.
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Swimwear 2010
Hosted by Christine Ong

You've found it, this is fashion's biggest secret, the show beautiful women all around the world turn too for the latest in high-end-sexy styles. I am Christine Ong here for CASHAK.TV. Now we bring you Gottex Swimwear. With their 2010 collection debuting out of New York. It's the first collection from new head designer Molly Grad, she previously worked with the designer Stella McCartney, Molly says she is going to, quote: "take the DNA of the brand and give it a fresh new direction without forsaking the incredible past", the line has strived to break any barriers between swimwear and high fashion since it's inception in 1949. Molly says the 2010 line was inspired by, quote: "sand, beach, and the ocean". Gottex is sold around the world, price points begin $20 for bikini bottoms to $300 for a full caftan. Trends in this collection: solid colors, skin tight fits, and ribbed texture.

Foxy Grecian shoulder, twisted at the arm strap, ribbed texture, provocative, high-cut bottoms, Tonga front, gold hardware on the sides, styled with large silver and gold bangles, Molly describes the Gottex woman as, quote: "super sophisticated, chic, and very fashion forward".

More daring high-cut bottoms, rushed, sand color, eye-catching bandeau top with large neck strap details, layers of fabric and gold alternate, gold hardware used on the opposite strap, CASHAK editors' select this look as the best of the collection for it's fashion forward neck strap, smooth color and fearless cut on the bottoms.

Skin tight antique gold monokini, cut out on the side, overlaps on the opposite side, strong plastic like shine, paired with a matching headband, impress the trend setters on Ipanema in this suit. One piece swimsuit, creates a sexy silhouette, rushing at the bust, styled with a large gold necklace that has brilliant red ornaments dangling from it, it matches the pieces that hang from the sides of the swimsuit.

Next we see a sexy sunset red bikini, ribbed halter, gold hardware on the neck straps, material wraps under the bust, creates a fashion forward look, complimenting bottoms with the same gold accents.

Sleek black bandeau, rushed knot in the middle, mid rise bottoms with gold hardware, matched with a sheer wrap of gold and black, more large bangles, ankle strap, platform heels.

Last we see a black one piece, dull layer wrapped over a glittering one, semi-transparent cut out on the side, again the designer completed the look with a head cap, let your fashion-savvy sense shine on the beach in this look ladies.

This Summer, fashion turns to CASHAK.TV for the latest high-end-sexy looks.

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Line: Gottex.

Host: Christine Ong.

Host hair: James of Dolce Salon at the Borgata.

Host make-up: Kimberly of Dolce Salon at the Borgata using DoCo Damask.

Host wardrobe: Moody Blues Boutique.

Location: Upstairs at the Estate House.

Keywords: Molly Grad, Gottex, Swimwear, 2010, bikinis, swimsuits, fashion, show, runway, trends, styles, models, video, movie, clip.

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