Eva Franco Fall/Winter 2009 at Scottsdale Fashion Week

Eva Franco brings her Hungarian, by way of Los Angeles, fashions to the big runway in Scottsdale. CASHAK.TV gets an exclusive interview with Eva Frano. Click now to find the story behind this collection in the designer's own words.

The first outfit is going to be a dress called Alexia and she is a printed green dress with stretch satin and I designed the belt and went along with it and its one of these dresses that works universally on a lot of different body types and it is a lot of color for Fall but when you walk in you certainly get an impact. I think second one is a staples dress with little stud detailing on the belt and everything is made in L.A. by the way.

I think the current collection is probably inspired by spending some time in London, there is a lot of wonderful traditional British tailoring techniques that they use. I have gone to Paris and actually the print that you saw in the green dress was a color combination that I saw at flee market on beautiful vintage scarf so. I really I'm just always open to seeing what's going on in free markets around the world whether it is in China or when I go to Paris I go always to the flee markets. I try to design a sort of a day time dress that can work into the evening I think that we have such a busy lives nowadays that we have to dress ourselves in the morning and make it work from business to casual to evening and that's the challenge. Being Hungarian I think informs me a lot about sort of this fairytale Eastern European like sensibilities where I use a lot of ethnic embroideries. I think the colors are really vibrant the way it is in the Hungarian culture.

It's been a very interesting year, I opened my first store, my own Eva Franco store this year in Irvington, Virginia and that certainly in this current economic climate it was a risk and I'm very glad that I did. I like really seeing my customer in person, seeing what their demands are what their lifestyles is like.

I think it was a great opportunity to come to Scottsdale and really be part of this amazing event I think we're raising money for charities and I strongly believe in that and I just really love the whole lifestyle that Scottsdale, Arizona has. It's relaxed yet there's definitely style in the air which I love and its been a really great event.

Well I am a big fan of Michelle Obama and I would love for her to be wearing my designs, I think that she sort of epitomizes women's lifestyles right now, I mean she's just a force to be reckoned with and I just think she's really bringing back fashion to the White House in a really tangible modern way and to dress her would be such an honor.

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Designer: Eva Franco

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