Dsquared2 Fall/Winter 2009 @ Milan Fashion Week

CASHAK.TV makes our first trip to the big runway in Milan. We take a look at the super sexy streetwear collection of Dsquared2. It's a mix of day and night with old and new looks. We see trends like drab colors contrasted with brilliant ones. Animal prints are used throughout. We continue to see key trends like crystal and stud detailing. Want to see all the runway action? Watch our exclusive report now.
You found it. This is the show beautiful women tune in to for the latest and high in sexy looks. I'm Jenny Stathos and you're watching CASHAK.TV. Now let's take a look at Dsquared which debut during the 2009 Milan Fashion Week. The runway show included looks that contain both day and night and old and new. Also it had crystal detailing animal prints, drab and bright colors. Celebrity clientele include Lindsay Lohan, Eva Mendes and Rihanna. Make sure to check out our shopping directories for a complete list of where you can find your own. First look we have is a super sexy short gray dress and pocket have feathered detailing, perfectly styled with a chocolate color bomber jacket, ribbed cuffs, gold zipper accents. A wide plain scarf wraps around the model's neck, it's a loop and hangs down the middle with frayed edges. It's topped with a dark brim cap, big shades and leopard print bangles, gold bracelet and lace up sandals with dark socks. The model also carries an iPhone while walking down the runway to show you how just how contemporary this collection is. The next look we have starts of with a layered tank top in gray and white and continuous to a high waisted skirt. The design is box with a black border. Designer uses contrasting bright red scarf that wraps around the neck of the model and dangles off to the side, this look is accessories with black gold and pearl necklaces also a small hand bag, pastel blue gloves, gold bracelets and strappy magenta ribbon sandals. Next we have a lot of details in this look including large sunglasses, twos scarf's, a monochrome plain scarf with many tassels and a semi metallic tan scarf with thin huge tassels, both scarves wrap around the model's neck and drape in the front. This model is wearing a light lavender shirt underneath with a few Swarovski crystals embellishing the style. Designer accessorizes this look with many watches, bracelets and bangles on the wrist. The look is completed with knee high leggings and strappy metallic red closed toe heels. The next look we have is a white button up blouse covered with a salmon vest, dark half sleeves sport jacket and also a maroon colored knit cap. It's paired with a denim mini skirt with a folded back hem. This look also has a thin brown twist tie belt, gray leggings, leopard print pumps. The designers sent several models down the runway with Starbucks in their hand to show just how street sheet this line really is. Up next we have a look that starts with black sandals decorated with pearl, silver and black beads. Dark orchid color baggy fit capris layered with long v neck tee's. Unique design on the hips belts to look together, outline in jewels, loose threads that hang from the edges. The look is covered in a black line weave jacket with black cuffs, gold zipper and stud details on the lapels. Next we have a chic pleaded retro medium bisk jacket with three quarter length sleeves, side by side lines of crystal embellishment edge the jacket details and provided a distinctive style. Jacket covers a white short dress with a scoop neck and picture graphics of ballroom dancing covered in red bold text. This look is accessories with dog tags leather bands and beaded and solid bracelets. It also has black leather booties. Notice the make up artist use very dark and glamorous eye make up with edgy street look. Next we have an eighties draw back light wash denim vest. This look gives a modern edge with long beaded sequence that hangs from the shoulders. Another semi sheer crew neck graphic tee column with bold cursive writing. A plain long sleeve skirt is tied around the hips. The look is given even more attitude with classic black leather pants that have spikes around the ankles. Here we have a light pink satin blouse with a bottom vest, dark bomber jacket and short sleeves. The blouse sleeves are longer than the jacket arms, the designer leaves the sleeves uncuffed. The look is wrap with a long chocolate brown nits scarf that has tassels at the edge also containing army green cargo pants. The look and style with monochrome line design large frame sunglasses chain necklace and bracelets plus a brown buckle belt that is tied with a twist, here we have more layered tank tops matched with baggy leather short that have a wide cuff given a twist with a leopard print jacket that is worn off the arms in this look, bright leather red leather gloves get a strong accent, patent leather hand bag with gold zipper details and an intricate necklace that hangs from the shoulders and connects to the back glams up this number. Last up we have a white t-shirt with a butterfly skull tattoo on the shoulder, rush corset line with crystals. Worn army green jacket hangs off the shoulder. Leather buckle straps on the wrist stylize this look even more. Like another look in this collection the designer paired the hot black biker leather pants with this outfit. This look also has diagonal zippers and stud details. Complemented with strappy peep toe heels. Fashions next great look premiers first on CASHAK.TV, make sure you tune in tomorrow so you don't miss it.
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Designer: Dsquared2.

Host: Jenny Stathos.

Host hair: James Ruiz of Dolce Salon at the Borgata.

Host make-up: Shalyn Cline of Dolce Salon at the Borgata using DoCo Damask.

Host wardrobe: Moody Blues Boutique.

Location: Canal Restaurant.

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