We dare you - David Alexander Spring/Summer 2010

David Alexander is known for dressing Hollywood's elite like Megan Fox. He continues to wow audiences in LA with his latest Spring and Summer collection. What makes these styles so sexy? Who is the woman he sees wearing these looks? Why did David title this collection "Love Me If You Dare"? We asked him in an exclusive interview. You might just dare to add David Alexander to your wardrobe and 2010.
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Spring Summer 2010
Hosted by Christine Ong

We cut out all the passé, designs that you don't care about. You'll only find the latest in high-end-sexy styles right here on CASHAK.TV. I am Christine Ong and now we bring you David Alexander with his Spring and Summer 2010 collection, Megan Fox recently wore a David Alexander swimsuit on the cover of Rolling Stone, you'll also find David Alexander's work on the shows Melrose Place as well as Beverly Hills 90210, but even though the spotlight loves David Alexander's work, he says, he doesn't consider himself a Hollywood designer, rather he considers himself a "luxury designer", noting he uses the best materials from around the world including luxury leathers as well as luxury furs. The LA based designer sees his collection as an "American royalty brand", he says.

David says movies inspire his work, most recently he said that he saw the science fiction film 2046. Which influenced these newest looks, however he said that music is what fuels his creativity even more, he says quote, "music sends my imagination on such a cool journey". David added that his friend, model Laura La Rue, helped him to create these looks- quote: "her face, her mannerisms, her hair, everything gave me a small hint as to how to design the best dress for this collection".

His latest collection is titled "Love Me If You Dare". David says he's not daring people to love the collection, but daring people to love in general.

Celebrity fans of the line include: Rebecca Romijn, Toni Braxton, and Ashlee Simpson.

The collection is sold online, click our shopping directory for more links.

Trends were seeing in David Alexander's collection glamorous shine, lots of gold, and strong shoulders.

David Alexander brings us this first look, broad shoulders quarter sleeve dress, red satin, strong shoulder details are becoming a huge trend on high fashion runways, pleated triangle design runs from the neck to the waist, we asked David what makes his dresses sexy and he said, quote: "I give skin with glamor and class".

Plunging v-neckline, sparkling gold covers the top, again gold is huge this season ladies, dark high waist skirt, gold zipper detail runs in the front, two layers come to a point below the hips, gold triangle hardware edges the layers, it's textured with leather trim running almost to the knees.

David Alexander starts with the same design in this look but it's mixed up in the color palette, tan and gold on the top, white and gold on the bottom, notice the zipper is worn higher in this look to give it a flirty edge, during a recent runway show in L.A. the music stopped half way through the presentation, David tells us the show went on, quote: "the models were so excited in the clothes and so confident they walked anyways and it really excited me to know my clothing can have that effect on someone."

Daring shoulders in this look, broad and raised, completely covered in marine color sequins, super sexy low v-neck line, dress hugs your curves to a short hem, feel like you just got off the big runway in New York while wearing this look.

Chic metallic design, straight edge neckline, seam detailing, ruffled layer flairs from the waist, and adds a very feminine touch, we asked David who is the ideal women he sees wearing his clothes, and he said quote: "A strong, passionate woman who knows what she wants, where she is going, and whom she wants to wear."

Super sexy sheath dress, classic design, given an ultra modern gold finish, rib and seam details give a fashion forward edge to the look, the material is textured and layered from the waist to the hem, CASHAK's fashion editors selected this Look as the best look of the collection, it's a classic silhouette with an ultra contemporary finish.

Stay tuned to CASHAK.TV for the latest in high-end-sexy styles.

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Designer: David Alexander.

Host: Christine Ong.

Host hair: James of Dolce Salon at the Borgata.

Host make-up: Kimberly of Dolce Salon at the Borgata using DoCo Damask.

Host wardrobe: Moody Blues Boutique.

Location: Upstairs at the Estate House.

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