Cia Maritima Swimwear 2010 @ Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Swim Miami

One of the biggest names in Brazilian swimwear heats up the long runway in Miami for the debut of their 2010 collection. Cia Maritima has been around since the early 1990's. It's outlasted countless other brands and designers. They continue their amazing success with this latest group of looks called "Mediterraneo". Designer Benny Rosset was inspired by the Mediterranean for this season. We sit down for an exclusive interview with him. What makes his swimwear sexy? Who has he designed Cia Maritima for all these years? Which piece of this collection was selected as the best by CASHAK editors. You'll only find out by watching this exclusive report.

From the beaches of Corsica to the shores of Rio CASHAK.TV brings you the latest in high end sexy swimmer for 2010. I'm Christine Ong here for CASHAK.TV next we bring you Cia Maritima Swimwear with their 2010 collection, debuting at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Swim in Miami. It started in Brazil in the early 1990's the USA debut was in 2006, it's designed by Benny Rosset, this collection is titled "Mediterraneo", it's inspired by the entire Mediterranean including places like the French Riviera, Greece and Turkey. The beauty of Greek and Roman Goddesses also influence the collection. The brand is known for it's high quality materials and construction. It is hand made in Brazil. The swim wear is made of Lycra, jersey and the designer uses a new material in the collection called a Nectarina. It's a micro fiber with a high percentage of filaments which makes it much, much lighter. It is also easily used with fluid cuts and construction. The line is a favorite of Brazilian celebrities and international stars search as Alessandra Ambrosio, Mel B and Adriane Galisteu. Pieces starts at only $50 and it's available at high end boutiques and swim shops, see our shopping directory online for more show links. Trends in this collection, we see vintage prints colors of the Mediterranean and sexy yet elegant cuts.

First up, this head turning bright orange bandeau bikini the color resembles the hut of the sun setting into the Mediterranean. Neck strap, gold hardware in the middle, sexy cut bottoms and a matching gold color. Low rise rushed gold of details to the side, flairs to the hips. CASHAK.TV asked what makes a swimsuit sexy, the designer simply replied- "the woman whose wearing it."

Next we see this hot halter bikini covered in vintage gold silhouette on a white background, thick neck strap gathering detail on the side and bottom. Banded Brazilian bottoms with a nice matching pattern wide on the right hip and narrows to connect with gold hardware on the opposite side. Sophisticated high fashion style in this bikini yet it's still a smoking hot look. CASHAK.TV editors selected this as the best bikini of this collection.

We see the same gold and white print is used in a skin tight tube dress, it's perfect to throw on when you leave the beach to go shopping in the boutique's of Niece. It's accessorized with large gold ring necklace reminiscent of decorations found in opulent Mediterranean estates. The stylist completed this look with ankle heights strappy black sandals.

Geometric print of orange and white, slide adjustable halter top knot detail on both sides, again we see a think twisted neck stop in this look. The wider strap has more cushion and is more comfortable to wear, matching print bottoms with silver and gold medal detail on the sides. So we asked who is the ideal woman wearing their suits and they said the Cia Maritima woman is known as a jet setter she travels the world and likes to mix new items with vintage inspired pieces. She especially cares for a great fit comfort and sophisticated look.

Triangle string bikini, animal print in lavender rose and orange the perfect color combination, these colors come from the Mediterranean with a gold metal detail in the middle with a Cia Maritima logo embossed in it. String tie low rise bottoms show off your sexy bod but in a skimpy bikini while sunning on the beaches on St. Tropez.

Another chic triangle bikini, gold chain hardware on the straps and buckle belt print, solid black bikini bottoms. Many designers are mixing solids and prints, we could easily see a white or even mid tone brown bottom mixed with this top to keep the look fresh every time you wear it. The designer's best hit for selecting the perfect swim suit is to take a look in the mirror and see what looks best on your body.

Racy low rise bottoms in this next look, more gold hard ware on the sides this piece has an interesting scale like pattern, it's washed out on the bottoms which adds a vintage accent however the pattern is more vivid on the triangle top, the shades of ocean blue remind us again of the exotic coast lines along the Mediterranean. High fashion design element, single shoulder strap connects to a twisted bandeau, splash print of pale yellow, gray shades and a touch of lavender. Scoop bottoms with light gray pyramid ornaments on the side. Geometric shapes were often curved into the wood work and stone of lavish coastline palaces. Cia Maritima's has been in the USA for a number of years we asked how swimsuit wearers in the states have changed this Brazilian staple of the beach and they said absolutely not. The only thing they change for the U.S. is their fit. The designs stay firmly rooted in a Brazilian lifestyle.

More vintage flower designs of lavender and white comes together in a gorgeous monokini, rushing detail around a gold medallion in the center of the design, banded at the bottom, styled with large gold chain bracelets we could see a Greek goddess relaxing on the beaches of Santorini in this number.

Ballerina neck, cap sleeve, cover up shirt, more animal print silhouette and pale orange, pink and brown. Intricate gold stud flower design in the middle. Cia Maritima's fist fashion show was more than 15 years ago at Sao Paulo Fashion Week. They were one of the first swimmer designers to ever show at the international event.

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Line: Cia Maritima.

Host: Christine Ong.

Host hair: Natalie Haver of Dolce Salon at the Borgata.

Host make-up: Olunife Adeyemi of Dolce Salon at the Borgata using DoCo Damask.

Host wardrobe: Moody Blues Boutique.

Location: The Hotel Valley Ho.

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