Country Style - Chanel Spring/Summer 2010

Why did Karl Lagerfeld design a "country" collection using one of the most iconic brands in fashion? We found out why. Will these latest looks from Chanel be popular from the Big Apple to the big state of Texas? Watch this exclusive Cashak Style report for all the answers.

Ten thousand new looks walk down runways across the world every season. Do you have time to look at them all? Would you really want to? We cut out all the junk and bring you just the high-end-sexy style you love.

Karl Lagerfeld has designed the label since 1983, the latest collection is described as "back to the country". Lagerfeld said, quote: "You hear a lot about the environment and organic products at the moment. So I thought it would be fun to give it a fashion twist." The show's runways was made of two tons of clay and 20 cubic meters of hay. Come with us to the big runway in Paris for a look at Chanel in 2010.

Classic Chanel style with sophistication and a flirty edge, tan jacket and skirt, notice the frayed edges give a rough touch, it's worn over a pale pink drop neck top. Lots of silver and pearl accessories. The purse is actually two clutches tied together with a leather and chain handle. Does this look scream Paris Hilton or what?

Rustic style, weaved fashion dress, the straps and bust edging look like leaves, the bodice material resembles grass, colored in white and tan tones, the racy attitude shows through in this look with a high slit on the leg. The stylist keeps the nature theme going with a gold necklace in the shape of connecting twigs. The model even carries a flower basket to top off the look. Does this work as an eco-chic look? We think so. Tell us your opinion in the comments.

Pearl white safari shirt, padded shoulders, large silver buttons, cuffed half sleeves. Proactive black, sheer, mini-skirt. The collection is inspired by the county hideaway of French Queen Marie-Antoinette.

Eye-catching street look, hot boot cut black pants, torn on the edges, button up cuffs, patchwork, gold adornments on the front, we dig these jeans. The jacket is not as hot, the pattern is a little harsh. What do you think? Would you wear this outfit? Leave a comment and tell us.

Sexy toga dress, cream silk on the top, contrasted with a black arm band, belted waist, asymmetrical skirt with tulle on top. The tulle layer gives the look an elegant quality, like a floor length gown, but since it's very sheer your sexy legs will show through- that's what every sexy fashionista wants. You can't go wrong at your next Parisian formal in this number. This is CASHAK's pick for the best look of the collection. Did we get it right? Tell us.

You'll find the latest high-end-sexy looks straight from the catwalk on CASHAK Style. We rule the runway, period.

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Line: Chanel.

Host: Jenny Stathos.

Host hair: James of Dolce Salon at the Borgata.

Host wardrobe: Moody Blues Boutique.

Location: Upstairs at the Estate House.

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