Chanel Fall/Winter 2009 @ Paris Fashion Week

The legendary fashion brand Chanel marches its latest collection down the big runway in Paris. Designed by Karl Lagerfeld, the center theme of this season is black. The show was purposely staged against a runway with contrasting white walls. The collection is defined as "practical luxury". Jessica Alba, Beyonce and Claudia Schiffer wear Chanel. See the latest styles you'll have to have right here on CASHAK.TV

Alright ladies it's time for high end sexy style. I'm Christine Ong here with CASHAK.TV. Now we take you to an all time favorite Chanel with their unveiling of the Fall 2009 collection at Paris Fashion Week. Now this Parisian fashion house is lead by Karl Lagerfeld. Black is the center theme so I know all of you ladies out there will love it and look good in it. The show was purposely staged on a runway with contrasting white walls kind of giving a domino effect. It's defined as being practical luxury that is never over the top. Celebrity fans include Jessica Alba, Claudia Schiffer, Fergie and also Beyonce. It's available at Chanel boutiques all across the world and you can of course go to our shopping directory online for more links. Trends we're seeing this season, we're seeing lots of dark shades, plunging necklines as well as edgy textures.

First up we see a sexy plunging neckline dress in a smoke black color with patches of rough texture seamed into the sides, it gives a hard edge to the look, full length sleeves, padding cuffs with fingerless gloves. Again, remember ladies we're seeing these, these are big for Fall. Wide belt rides off the hips with a circular design in the middle, pink jewels around a pearl center, it's contrasted with white pink knit leggings and open toe platform shoes. Ladies you'll see lots of leggings on the Fall runways so embrace it. Impress the trend setters in this look during your next night out in Paris.

Next we see Chanel brings us another plunging neckline that creates a narrow v-shape. It has a rough texture that forms on the lapel and comes to a point in the middle of the bodice. It has a zip up front with wrist length sleeves, patches of texture angled on the hips and the hem hits just above the knees. Our third look from Chanel, this piece has feminine accents, dark full sleeve dress topped with a large brim hat, another low attention getting neckline, turtle neck is outlined with contrasting white ruffles, an accenting silver metallic band forms around the bottom of the dress, we also see thick tassels fair out from the edges and the top of the of the band is braided on the hips.

Next up Chanel brings us this floor length full coat with a lot of fuzz left on the material, it has a front zipper that runs the entire length, it's fitted at the waist with cuffs having several contrasting layers that flair out. Stay warm and stylish in this number.

Sensuous full length dress, gun metal color with a slight shine in the material, has a unique collar detailing with buttons extending to the sides, paired with a turtle neck that is detached from the dress, puffy bell sleeves that are fitted at the arm, it has a flirtatious teardrop cleavage cut out, vertical seams running from the shoulders to the naval add detail and shape to the piece, wide belt with circular buckle. This look is completed with a daring thigh high leg slit.

You'll find the latest high end sexy styles straight from the catwalk right here on CASHAK.TV. We rule the runway period.

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Designer: Chanel.

Host: Christine Ong.

Photos: E. Grassi.

Host hair: Erin Fink.

Host make-up: Toni Martinez of Sachi Salon and Spa.

Host wardrobe: Moody Blues Boutique.

Location: Canal Restaurant.

Keywords: Chanel, Paris, fashion week, Fall, 2009, fashion, show, runway, trends, styles, models, video, movie, clip.

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