Bri Bridge @ Phoenix Fashion Week

Inspired by different styles of music, Arizona designer Bri Bridge mixes rock, hip hop and pop elements to create a sexy collection. Hot trends in this show are chic corsets and side less dresses. CASHAK.TV editors select Bri Bridge as the best emerging designer collection of Phoenix Fashion Week. Watch our report now.
I am inspired by all different artists these days just because everybody has such a unique style and they are so many different looks out there and people mix and match there styles within their genre of music that they are playing in, so I take a lot of from the Rocker vibe with the edgy flashy studded look and things like that kind of a more of a hard tone and then I also like the glitzy and girly looks that you might see on like pop stars, something like that, I wouldn't like to be eclectic I mean 80's was really big last season and then I think you could see a lot of like 70's stuff coming back this way too. I'm a big Snoop Dog fan but you know obviously I'm not going to go create fashion after Snoop so anybody who is out there big on the scene, on the red carpet, very visible on the public eye is kind of who I model my clothes for. 2010 is just a bigger step for my business you know stepping up on quality and look and the capability to produce more for people and distribute on a larger scale. So it was really cool that Phoenix Fashion week was the kick off of that new level for me because before I was just doing one off's one of a kind pieces and I couldn't deliver to as many people and now I feel like I have the capability to get my fashion out there to a whole nother crowd. I try to create things that people will still be able to wear on a daily basis but it also has the flashy vibe so that it's different and unique than anything you'll ever see. A lot of times people try to do the artistic thing but it's un-wearable.So I think that mine is artistic and creative and bold and daring yeah it's a very wearable. I love the sexy look, I love to be risqué and flashy and daring so anything that can be a sexy cut on the body but still flatters several different shapes is what I like to incorporate into my designs. So a corset can be flattering because it holds the woman in and perks her up and everything so and then the side less cut dresses were just an inspiration that you can still show some skin in areas where and cover up the other areas that maybe you need to be flattered more.This collection I used a lot of satin just because it's always girly and feminine and sexy. Then I also used Jersey rayon knits and things like that just because they flow nicely on the body and you can wear them as a casual look but then you can also dress them up. From Arizona fashion is a lot different here. We have a different culture than L.A and a different culture than New York and our weather is different. We kind of wear things here around that maybe other places wouldn't and we expand our capability to have different designs all year around and throughout different seasons.I think that we kind of have a unique edge in Phoenix to keep doing fresh things that necessarily other people in other areas wouldn't do. Favorite memory from the show probably the body paint that I had done on my own body because I wore the side less open dress and I had a leopard face painted all over my side and then the tail wrapped around the other side. That's probably my favorite memories just because I got to be a part of the art and reaction too and didn't just watch my models go out there. I got to have my own special look.
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Designer: Bri Bridge

Venue: Acua(Scottsdale, Arizona)

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