Blumarine Fall/Winter 2009 @ Milan Fashion Week

CASHAK.TV takes a look at the best collection of Milan Fashion Week. Bluemarine by an Italian designer. She views each piece as a work of art. We see Fall defying bright and fun colors. Lots of jewels accessorize the looks. These are hot designs to wear during the day but could easily be worn at night. Watch our exclusive report for fashion ideas to add in your Fall wardrobe.
You found it this is the show beautiful women tune in to for the latest in high end sexy style. I'm Jenny Stathos and you're watching CASHAK.TV. Now let's take a look at Blumarine which debut during the 2009 Milan Fashion Week. Designer is Anna Molinari and she is infamous for mixing all sorts of materials together everything from leather cashmere, satin to silk. Popular celebrity clientele include Eva Mendes and Ashley Tisdale. This particular runway shows make-up was done by M.A.C. Cosmetics. She likes to pride on her ever evolving unique look. She also thinks of her design as a work of art. She has seven hundred stores worldwide and you can check out our shopping directories where you can find one of your own. First up we have a pale azure turtle neck dress in an animal print and form fitting flirty short length, covered in a light gray long sleeve jacket wide raised collar and it works with the turtle neck completed with matching booties. The next look we have is a dark turtle neck dress covered in dark slate and blue leather jacket, it has large lapels half length rib sleeves and many gold diagonal zippers. It also has a high waist belt and diagonal patterns stitch into the leather. Next up we have a neon green jacket with large triangle lapels rib shoulders and half length sleeves this look also has multiple zipper pockets and a midway skirt short in length. It's accessorized with large jewel bangles and strappy heels. Next we have a funky little party dress it's sleeveless and banded the bands fit the dress all your curves. This look is in a light cyan with dark vibrant splash print, feminized with pink sequence, super short and provocative in length. Next we have a design to stun the gliteratti with the sequent radiant top covered in a floral color short jacket full length sleeves stud pocket and zipper details. Splash design bottoms with flower graphics and pastel colors, completed with jewels and even more jewels, earrings and multi strand necklace, bangles, rings and not to forget shoes. Next we have a fashion forward street look dark turtle neck sweater attention grabbing gem Blumarine leathering, low rise whitewash jeans with jewels twisting around the leg. The next look we have is a classic single shoulder black dress. This look has a high leg slit. It gives a modern touch with large jewels embellishing the bust a simply ravishing little black dress. Next up we have a chic day look. Striking scoop neck top completely covered in large and small crystals, full sleeve navy blue sport jacket ornaments on a lapels. Another long jewel necklace and short shorts. Next we have an alluring brassier dress. Clear gems cover the entire piece. Silver beads adorn the sides and it has a classic flare cut. Last look we have is a twisted lemon colored gown with a single shoulder strap and a fearless leg slit. This look is floor length and defies the traditional drab full colors with a design that is bright and flirty. Set the trends everyone will envy in this dress at your next formal event in Florence. This Fall fashion turns to CASHAK.TV for the latest in high end sexy looks.
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Designer: Blumarine.

Host: Jenny Stathos.

Host hair: James Ruiz of Dolce Salon at the Borgata.

Host make-up: Shalyn Cline of Dolce Salon at the Borgata using DoCo Damask.

Host wardrobe: Moody Blues Boutique.

Location: Canal Restaurant.

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