Barbara Bui Spring/Summer 2010

Parisian fashion designer Barbara Bui heats up the runway with sexy street and night out looks. What hot trends does she incorporate? Will sexy fashionistas from Paris to LA want to sport these styles? Get the answers in our exclusive Cashak Style report, then leave your opinion about Barbara Bui 2010.
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Spring Summer 2010
Hosted by Jenny Stathos

This is it, rehab for the fashion junkie. We won't give you the boring looks that bring you down. We're all about the high-end-sexy looks you crave.

The collection is full of street and night-out looks. We'll see hot trends like metallic accents and sequins. Sit with us front row for the debut of Barbara Bui's latest collection.

Sheer nude color, off the shoulder top, asymmetrical lines. Boot cut, cream color pants, brown leaf designs on the side. Touch of the retro vibe, we think a little bit of that hippie style is still chic, do you agree? Leave a comment and tell us.

Knee high boots. Rustic bronze color short shorts. Low v-neck blouse, semi-transparent, pleat and edge details show in a darker shade. Saddle color long sleeve jacket, small cream and dark brown patches cover the arms and side.

Wide neck strap, chocolate colors, ribbed lines form geometric shapes, sequin detail on the trim with a tasseled hem. Boutiques in New York, Paris, Moscow and other major cities around the world carry Barbara Bui.

Army green, padded jacket, large embellishments on the lapels and shoulder. Low cut top with lots of that disco shine. Hip hugging skinny leg pants, zipper details, dangling ties, notice the buckle cuffs at the bottom. Contrasted with red peep toe sandals.

Sleek silver look, scoop neck, decorated edge. Matching hot silver shorts, rib detail on the pocket edge and sides. Design is worn with a garment that is almost like a cape. It's interesting but you might leave that part home when you hit the boardwalk in this number, What do you think? Does it work or not?

Chocolate milk color spaghetti string dress, wide silver glam design edges the top, criss-crossing lines form diamond shapes on the bodice, almost knee length, high legs slits keep this looks sexy edge. The perfect look to wear at all those trendy Euro nightclubs. Barabara Bui started in 1987. Her first New York show was in 1999.

Cowl neck, cap sleeve mesh top, black bra shows underneath creates an alluring touch. Skinny fit metallic pants. We think it's a flashy street look. It could make you feel like a celebrity with all those heads turning toward you. Would you wear it out?

Same style mesh used in a full dress length. Notice the spaghetti straps across the chest. Worn over another black bra and matching mid-rise shorts. Price point starts at $29 for a tank top to several hundred for a pair of fashion boots.

Chic, full sleeve cream color jacket, daring neckline, multi-color swirl design, silver sparkles throughout the piece. Paired with solid black leather pants, cut short above the ankles. Strappy saddles are the perfect compliment.

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Designer: Barbara Bui.

Host: Jenny Stathos.

Host hair: James of Dolce Salon at the Borgata.

Host wardrobe: Moody Blues Boutique.

Location: Upstairs at the Estate House.

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