English and Italian Mashup - Antonio Berardi Spring/Summer 2010

The designer's heritage is from opposite sides of the European continent. How do the fashion skills he learned in Italy and England combine on the runway? Celebrities like Gwynth Paltrow and Victoria Beckham were spotted in this designer spreads. Find out why this line is so hot and get all the details on Antonio Berardi in this exclusive Cashak Style report.
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Spring Summer 2010
Hosted by Jenny Stathos

It's time for your daily fashion fix. I am Jenny Stathos and you're watching CASHAK Style. Now let's check out Antonio Berardi's 2010 Sping and Summer collection. The designer of is English and Italian heritage. Antonio says his Sicilian side brings romantic qualities to his work and the British side guides his tailoring. His latest collection is full of sexy dresses, sheer materials and provocative cuts. Come with us to England for a look at this new collection.

Sheer nude, brazier, covered in clear jewels, notice how the visible ribs create a curved line that is flattering to your figure. Cream color jacket, cuffed 1/2 length sleeves, popped collar. High waist skirt, a rounded layer is sewn over top, creates a large lapel on the trim, this is a contemporary accent, short hem. Celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow and Victoria Beckham have been spotted in Antonio Berardi.

Flashy sleeveless dress, transparent across the bust, crystal embellished design from the bust to the hem, gives the piece a strong metallic look, solid black sides. Antonio talked about the women in his clothes, he said, quote: "I like strong women, I like women who are in control. I like women with power and sense of humor and a sense of themselves." The price point ranges from $130 to $1700.

Sexy sheath dress, solid black in the middle, edged in white. We think this look is hot. It could get you noticed at all the rooftop parties this Spring. Would you wear it? The collection is sold at boutiques around the world like Curve in LA and NY, Browns in London, plus department stores likes Saks Fifth Avenue.

Off white bustier dress, ribbing detail, layered bust with criss-crossing seams. A brocaded leaf cover up is worn with the dress, we can't say that we're fans of it. This dress is easily our editors' favorite of the collection, just loose the wrap. Were we right about this look? Leave a comment and tell us.

Low scoop neck combo dress, black on top with a monochrome pattern detailing the edge. Solid cream color from the waste down, notice the soft triangle points created with the stitching. Again, this look could do without the cover up. Antonio says the most important lesson he's learned in his career is, quote: "Never say never".

Impress the trend setters in this look. Scandalous, yet chic, layered bust, black spaghetti straps, round edge band on the waist, pointed black lines run to the hem. The first thing people will notice about this number is the bust, but the contrasting lines will guide their eyes to your toned legs. Do you agree?

Tune to CASHAK Style everyday for the high-end-sexy fashion you crave.

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Designer: Antonio Berardi.

Host: Jenny Stathos.

Host hair: James of Dolce Salon at the Borgata.

Host wardrobe: Moody Blues Boutique.

Location: Upstairs at the Estate House.

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